Chelsea Academy Foundation was established to support Chelsea Academy. The Foundation aims to raise money for activities that enhance the educational and life experiences of Academy students.

The Academy provides an outstanding centre of education in the heart of the Royal Borough and it aims to create an inspirational community of learning and achievement for all students, helping them to fulfil their potential and make a difference to the world in which they are growing up. In order to fulfil our aspirations to create a school able to compete with the best in the country, additional funding will be required.

The funds raised by the Foundation have allowed the Academy to develop facilities on site and offer activities that would have not been possible to achieve through the Academy’s normal funding streams. We are grateful of the support from the Chelsea Academy Foundation in ensuring that every student at Chelsea Academy has access to outstanding and unique educational experiences. During 2016-17 academic year, the Foundation provided the Academy with over £96,000 of grants, covering support for a wide range of activities. This included a large number of students being helped to take part in a various trips and visits which their financial position would have prevented them from participating in. Over £25,000 was given to support the extended curriculum, significant support for music and arts also continued, as well as projects requested by staff from across the curriculum.

To succeed in our aspirations for Chelsea Academy the Foundation is actively seeking the support of the local and wider communities in London, from groups and individuals, students and parents. All donations, large and small are gratefully received and contribute directly to supporting the future of this new Academy and those who use it.