Chelsea Academy Foundation funds projects, activities and opportunities that enhance and expand the educational and life experiences for Academy students.

To University and beyond!


John Lyon’s Charity and Brunel University have funded an inspirational project encouraging talented students at the Academy to work towards gaining a place at top universities. The project runs Saturday schools on site at the Academy and at Brunel University and includes workshops in critical thinking and advanced maths and english. Students also get to listen to motivational speakers from similar backgrounds who have achieved success through going to university. They also meet students from Brunel University who give them a snapshot of what university life is like.

Fis (year 9) wrote: “I have improved in English through working with The Brilliant Club because it has given me insight into how English is part of history.” Fis started this year working at a low E in English but achieved a high C in his end of year exam, if he continues to progress at this rate he will achieve or exceed his A target grade at GCSE.

“I have learnt if I work hard I can be anything I want” (Jonathan).

Polly Goss (most able and project co-ordinator) “One student on the programme, Ali, had the most improved attitude to learning in all of year 9 this term. Several of Ali’s teachers have also come to find me to inform me of what a change in attitude he has had since being on the programme. In the presentation to the parents/carers Ali said “being part of the Brunel programme has changed my life.”

Biology trip funded through the Foundation

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All Year 12 students got the opportunity to visit Juniper Hall in Boxhill, Surrey for a 3 day residential trip. This trip supported their biology studies helping bring certain aspects of the curriculum to life.

Electric  car


“Angry Gecko” is a year-long enrichment that ran for the first time last year. The brief is fairly simple: build an electric car from your own sourced materials to race on the track at Goodwood. The task however is a lot more complex. This is what around 15 students aged 14 and above undertook last year. The students would spend not just Friday afternoons but also weekends and evenings building together a fully functioning battery-powered car. It required all sorts of students to be able to have an input: from the student who would be sitting in the car and driving in, to the design team and marketing team seeking sponsorship. From this project Year 13 students were able to distinguish themselves on their UCAS personal statements and receive places for further education, and younger students were able to make solid decisions about which AS/A2 levels they would be willing to undertake. This year, the enrichment has progressed so rapidly that it is now a Pathway (a senior enrichment for Y11-13) that was oversubscribed by over 50 students.


Duke of Edinburgh Award

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The Foundation has funded Duke of Edinburgh trips and activities over the last four years. Students have enjoyed camping, hiking, making campfires and developing their team work skills. The Foundations aims to raise money to ensure that every student has the opportunity to achieve the bronze award at a minimum.