Imperial College Children’s Christmas Lecture – Flying Robots!


19 Dec Imperial College Children’s Christmas Lecture – Flying Robots!

On Thursday 8th December, Mrs Holgate and Miss Michaelides took a group of students from Yr 7-10 to Imperial College for the annual Children’s Christmas Lecture. Students were invited by their Science teachers due to their hard work and effort in Science over the last term. The lecture was given by Dr Mirko Kovac and was titled ‘Bio-inspired flying robots for future cities’. Dr. Kovac took us on an exciting journey towards a future smart city – a complex ecosystem that could see swarms of friendly flying robots moving autonomously alongside their human neighbours. We saw the vision of these smart cities come to life as Dr Kovac demonstrated the latest bio-inspired flying robots in action. The rise of these bio-inspired robots offers a unique chance for us to re-imagine the design of our future cities, paving the way for dynamic metropolises where humans and robots can work alongside each other to keep our cities running smoothly. As well as the lecture, students were also able to check out the Imperial Fringe event “All Around the World” in the main entrance, and particularly liked the flurry of fake snow!

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