A breakdown by Curriculum Area of all staff working at Chelsea Academy

Teaching Staff

Core Leadership Team
Mr M Williams, Principal
Mrs H Blake, Vice Principal
Mrs B Whittle, Vice Principal – Inclusion and Child Protection Lead
Mr D Whitley,  Assistant Principal – Inclusion
Mr L Boyd Harte, Director of Finance and Operations
Mr S Ainsworth, Vice Principal (Acting) – Teaching and Learning
Miss G Michaelides, Assistant Principal – Progress and Achievement
Mrs H Power, Assistant Principal – Sixth Form (Maternity Leave)
Ms J Holgate, Acting Assistant Principal – Sixth Form (Maternity Cover)
Ms E Rickford, Assistant Principal (Acting) Head of Lead Practitioner Team

Extended Leadership Team
Ms J Koerner, Director of Music
Mr R Daverat, Head of Years 10 & 11 and SPL KS4. Student Voice and Extra-curricular clubs lead.
Mrs L McNally, Head of Year 12 and 13 and SPL KS5. CIEAG Lead
Miss E Rawes, Secondment to ELT. English CL
Dr D Greene, Secondment to ELT. Science CL
Ms S Dhawan, Director of Disadvantaged Students

Mr C Doubble, Curriculum Leader: Art
Mr J Hanratty, Teacher of Art and Lead Practitioner

Mr D Dyson, Curriculum Leader: Economics and Business Studies
Miss P Blankson, Teacher of Business Economics
Mr C Andrews, Teacher of Business and Economics

Mr P O’Brien, Curriculum Leader: ICT
Mr M Hussein, Teacher of Computing

Mrs E Tomlinson, Curriculum Leader: Drama
Mr B Redfearn, Teacher of Drama

English, Media and EAL
Miss E Rawes, Curriculum Leader: English, Lead Practitioner, ELT Secondment
Mr N Munn, Second i/c English & Teacher i/c Media and Film, Aspiring LP
Ms S Lawrence, Deputy Head of Year 11 and Teacher i/c of KS3 English and Curie House Leader
Ms K McLoughlin, Teacher i/c of KS5 English and Most Able Coordinator
Ms A Heath, Teacher of English
Mr K Brice, Teacher of English
Miss P Thakrar, Teacher of English, Deputy Head of Year 10 and Galileo House Leader
Ms H Daher, Teacher of English
Miss M Skrobanska, Teacher of English
Mr H Ghoochani, Teacher of English
Ms C Borg-Cunen, Deputy Head of Year 7 and Lead EAL
Mr M Lowry, Teacher of English
Mr M Williams, Teacher of English

Geography and Sociology
Miss L Dack, Geography and Sociology Curriculum Leader
Miss C Gordon,Teacher in charge of KS3 Geography and Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator
Ms R Munday, Teacher of Geography

Mr T Browning, Curriculum Leader: History
Mrs J Hogg, Teacher of History
Mr J Fisher, Teacher of History and Head of Year 9 (Maternity Cover)
Miss A Kayll, Teacher of History
Mr P Mahr, Teacher of History

Miss H Taylor, Acting Curriculum Leader: RE
Miss C Lewis, Teacher of RE
Mrs B Whittle, Teacher of RE

Miss V Scott, Curriculum Leader: Mathematics
Mr Y Said, Second i/c Mathematics
Mr S Jefferson, Teacher i/c of KS3 Mathematics
Ms N Omerbasic, Teacher of Mathematics
Mr H Ilanko, Teacher of Mathematics and Numeracy Coordinator
Mr E Tembo, Teacher of Mathematics
Mr L Dixon-Chen, Teacher of Mathematics
Mr T Ul-Haq, Teacher of Mathematics
Mr N Ul-Haq, Teacher of Mathematics

Modern Foreign Languages
Mr J Henry, Acting Curriculum Leader: MFL
Ms C Bernad, Teacher of MFL
Ms V Maiquez, Teacher of Spanish
Mr P Parra-Lopez, Teacher of Spanish
Mr R Daverat, Teacher of French

Ms J Koerner, Director of Music
Miss C Hetherington, Teacher of Music, Deputy Head of Year 10 and Faraday House Leader
Ms M Arthur, Teacher of Music

Personal Development and Government and Politics
Miss R Shakes, Curriculum Leader: Personal Development, Teacher i/c of Post16 Progress, PD Curriculum Leader, and Teacher i/c of Gov & Politics
Mr J Hall, Teacher of Citizenship and Personal Development

Ms M Rotella, Curriculum Leader: PE
Ms A Lowe, Teacher of Biology with PE
Mr L Pritchard, PE Enrichment Coordinator
Mr S White, Teacher of PE and Acting Deputy Head of Year 7
Ms M Tucker, Teacher of Girls’ PE

Dr D Greene, Curriculum Leader: Science and ELT Secondment
Mrs J Holgate, Director of Science Specialism
Miss K Fitzsimons, Teacher of Psychology
Mr L Carey, Teacher of Science
Miss J Clarke, Teacher of Science
Mr T Gilchrist, Teacher i/c of Physics and Business and University Links Leader
Miss J Edge, Teacher i/c of Chemistry
Ms I Kriuar, Teacher i / c Biology
Miss S Gill, Teacher i/c of KS3 Science
Miss A Gillman, Teacher of Chemistry
Ms M Beadles, Teacher of Biology
Mr B Douglas-Scott, Teacher of Science
Ms A Lowe, Teacher of Biology with PE
Ms K Gray, Teacher of Science

Mrs A Sach, Senior Curriculum Leader: Technology
Mrs P Gonzales, Teacher of Product Design
Miss M Warr, Teacher of Design and Technology


Heads of Year

Mrs A Vaghela, Head of Year 7
Ms C Borg-Cunen, EAL Coordinator / Acting  Head of Year 8
Mr J Fisher, Teacher of History and Head of Year 9
Mr R Daverat, Head of  Year 10 and 11 and SPL KS4
Mrs L McNally, Head of Year 12 and 13 / CEIAG Leader / SPL KS5

Deputy Heads of Year

Mr S White, Acting Deputy Head of Year 7 
Miss P Thakrar, Deputy Head of Year 8
Miss M Skrobanska, Deputy Head of Year 9
Miss C Lewis, Acting Deputy Head of Year 10
Mr J Silverman, Acting Deputy Head of Year 11
Miss C Hetherington, Deputy Head of Year 12
Ms S Lawrence, Deputy Head of Year 13

Associate Staff

Individual Needs
Ms G Williams, SENCO
Miss C Sanders, Head of Individual Needs (Behaviour)

Teaching Assistants
Mrs C Marino, Teaching Assistant
Ms M Levi, Lead Teaching Assistant SALT
Ms E Green, Teaching Assistant
Ms V Poku, EAL Teaching Assistant

Inclusion Support Centre
Miss C Sanders, Head of Individual Needs (Behaviour)
Ms H Durand, Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mr T Richards, Chaplain

Counsellors and Academy Nurse
Mr G Payne, Counsellor
Ms M Simpson-Thomas, Counsellor
Mrs C Bowerman, Academy Nurse

Leadership Team Administration Support
Mrs K Courtley, PA to the Principal
Mrs Y Ayeni, PA to the Leadership Team with responsibility

Mrs A Edoo-Yatally, HR Officer
Mrs J Colton, Registrar
Ms A Wszola, Finance Manager
Miss A Martins, Finance Assistant
Miss K Torres, Senior Administrator
Ms Olivia Smith, Examinations Officer
Ms A Luckman, Data Manager

Mr S Gallagher-Barber, Cover Supervisor Team Leader
Mr V Ogunba, Cover Supervisor

Jane Livesey, Receptionist

Student Services / Attendance
Ms K Brown, Student Services Manager
Ms P Cooke, Student Services Manager
Ms B Derby, Attendance Officer

Ms C Bradley, Events Coordinator

Learning Resources Centre
Miss L Allen, Library Manager

IT Support 
Mr A Khalil, Network Manager
Mr M Pitkin, Senior IT Technician

Site Services
Ms J Cousans, Corporate Services & Identity Manager
Mr S Di Santo, Site Technician
Mr J Silverman, Site Manager & Deputy Head of Year 11
Edgar Garces, Site Maintenance Assistant

Mr E Connick, Senior Science Technician
Mr O Roberts, Science Technician (Maternity Cover)
Miss J Mitchell, Science Technician
Mr M Quinn, Food Art and DT Technician