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Head of Year 7 Alex Vaghela
DHoY 7 / Lister House Leader Sean White

7C Rachel Munday and Josh Hall
7E Hannah Taylor and Pablo Parra-Lopez
7F Bestyn Derby and Alice Gillman
7G Chloe Lewis and Olivia Smith
7L Christina Gordon and Kit Brice
7N  Alicia Kayll and Oliver Roberts

Head of Year 8 – Christine Borg-Cunen
DHoY 8 / Galileo House Leader Priya Thakrar

8C Leon Dixon and Paul Mahr
8E Lauren Allen and Emmanuel Tembo
8F Christian Doubble and  
8G April Heath and Hayder Ghoochani
8L Christel Bernard and Luke Carey
8N Matthew Lowry and  Jackie Colton

Head of Year 9 – Jake Fisher
DHoY 9 /Einstein House Leader – Martina Skrobanska

9C Michela Rotella  
9E Jonjo Henry
Paras Gonzales (Supporting 9C and 9E)
9F Yemi Ayeni 
9G Shiri Gill
9L Mowlid Hussein 
9N Louise Dack

Head of Year 10 and Senior Pastoral Leader – Richard Daverat

10C James Hanratty
10E Angela Sach
Nathan Munn (Supporting 10C and 10E)
10F Patrick O’Brien
10G Stephen Jefferson
Kelly Fitzsimons (Supporting 10F and 10G)
10L Mary Beadles 
10N Holly Daher
Connor Andrews (Supporting 10L and 10N)

Head of Year 11 and Senior Pastoral LeaderRichard Daverat

11C Yaqub Said and Erica Tomlinson
11E Hary Ilanko and Jessica Clarke
11F Jo Holgate and Mikyla Warr
11G Katherine McLoughlin and Luke Pritchard
11L Jo Koerner and  Ewan Connick
11N Benjamin Redfearn and Helen Durand 

Assistant Principal Post 16 Holly Power
Head of Years 12 and 13Lucy McNally
DHof Year 12 Faraday House LeaderCharlotte Hetherington

DHof Year 12 Curie House Leader Serena Lawrence

12C / 13C Tauseef Ul-Haq and Tom Browning
12E / 13E  Victoria Scott
Anne Luckman (Supporting Curie and Einstein)
12F / 13F
 Jennifer Edge and Tim Gilchrist
12G /13G David Dyson and Victoria Maiquez
Roschelle Shakes (Supporting Faraday and Galileo)
12L / 13L Anisha Edoo-Yatally and Nabeel Ul-Haq
12N / 13N Benedict Douglas-Scott and Nermina Omerbasic