Below are a list of important links for students and parents alike.

The ALP (the Academy Learning Platform) no longer exists as the company that provided it has ceased trading. We are looking at other ways for parents to access attendance and behaviour data for their son or daughter and hope to have a suitable product in place for the end of the Academic year 2015/2016. Learning coaches will be able to provide any details that you need and their contact details can be found here.

Chelsea Academy Learning Cloud (CALC)

The most important is the CALC or Chelsea Academy Learning Cloud. This is where students can access their email, calendar and unlimited google drive storage. Chelsea Academy Learning Cloud (CALC)


ParentPay allows you to pay for schools meals. In the Acdemic year 2015 to 2016 we will phase out the use of cash and this will also be used to pay for all school trips and visits.

SAM Learning

SAM Learning is an online independent learning platform. It allows all students access to revision and learning materials.

Show my homework

Show My Homework is a great way for parents to track the independent learning (homework) that has been set in the Academy.