Problem solving at University College London


12 Jan Problem solving at University College London

Chelsea Academy studends recount their experience

Recently, Ahmed and I had the pleasure to take part in problem solving classes hosted by University College London and Highgate school for a duration of 6 weeks. In my opinion, it was a very captivating experience as it made us reflect on the many different ways a mathematical problem can be approached, such as brute force or intellectual approach. Each week we were given a new theme to work on such as symmetry or reasoning with extremes and a problem solving sheet. We were arranged in groups with students from different schools in London and each group had to present a solution to a problem to the other groups. The questions that were provided were not in the style you would see in an exam or in a text book, these problems forced you to think laterally about how to approach it. Truly it was stimulating to attempt complex maths problems with great problem solvers around us. Without a doubt, this course had greatly helped us as individuals to perform better at the UKMT senior challenge. Overall, it was a very enjoyable and beneficial course and I plan to attend more events similar to this.

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