Science Enrichment Trip to Kidzania


30 Sep Science Enrichment Trip to Kidzania

On Friday 25th September the students on the ‘CAST’ enrichment (Chelsea Academy Student Teachers) went on a trip to ‘Kidzania’ in Shepherds Bush to develop their science communication skills. At Kidzania the students had complete independence about where they went and which activities they took part in, all of which were designed to give students a taste of work in a variety of vocations. For example they learned basic first aid and practising in simulated emergencies. They developed their cooking skills in a burger kitchen, they learned how to make recycled paper for a sustainable resources agency, and even developed their engineering knowledge as part of a Formula One team. The range of jobs represented was huge, and our students used their experience to plan and develop the science lessons they will be teaching to primary school students each Friday afternoon for enrichment.

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