The Sixth Form opened in September 2011 and is built upon an ethos of high expectations and high aspirations. All students are expected to aspire to achieve their full potential and go to university or onto a higher level apprenticeship. Students study and develop in an environment that treats them as unique individuals who are fully supported in all they do and wish to achieve.

The Sixth Form curriculum provides students with academic qualifications that are challenging and valued in life beyond Chelsea Academy. Outstanding teaching by subject specialists ensures that each student is intellectually stretched and supported in all programmes of study they choose to follow.

The opportunities students are offered outside their academic subjects are extensive and second to none. They have opportunities to develop a wide array of skills through experiences they may not have encountered before. Awareness of the local community and the ‘wider world’ is relentlessly encouraged, ensuring that students develop into well rounded, mature and knowledgeable young adults who can engage with the world around them.

Students are expected to participate fully in the life of the Academy and act as role models and leaders for younger students. The leadership skills that students develop give them the confidence to make a positive contribution to the Academy, the local community and internationally.