There is a wide range of A level courses available in the Sixth Form. All students are expected to study four AS levels in Year 12 and three A levels in Year 13. In some cases, where students have achieved exceptional GCSE results, students may be permitted to study five AS levels or four A levels.

Upon application to the Sixth Form each student who meets the Academy’s entry criteria will be invited for a guidance interview, where they will have the opportunity to discuss their course choices. It is imperative that students choose courses that are suitable for them and their interests. This is an ongoing process that begins with the guidance interview and is then reviewed at enrolment after the publication of GCSE results.

More information about all of the A level courses and their entry requirements can be found in the course information booklet. Students are advised to read this very carefully before making their course selections.


Extended Project Qualification

All students in the Sixth Form have the opportunity to complete the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), which is started in the summer term of Year 12 and completed in the first term of Year 13.

Sixth Form Lectures

Each week, all students in the Sixth Form attend a lecture. The aim of the lectures is to broaden students’ horizons and encourage them to engage with the wider world.

Independent Learning

Independent Learning is the term that is used for homework at Chelsea Academy, in order to reflect the fact that studies undertaken by students outside of lesson time may take place within the Academy or at other locations, not just at home.

Independent Learning Support Programme

Students who struggle to complete and manage their Independent Learning are offered additional support through the Independent Learning support programme.