Sixth Form students have a wide range of opportunities available to them. The Academy’s very successful Enrichment programme, which runs on Wednesday afternoons, is available to Sixth Form students and they are able to run activities for younger students. This is in addition to the extended curriculum clubs and societies that are on offer. Students also have a range of opportunities to work in the city and go abroad.

All Sixth Form students have the opportunity to take part in recreational sport, community service or work experience. In the past students have had some of the following opportunities: learning to row, taking part in kayaking, attending the Football Academy, working for a teenage magazine, assisting at a home for the elderly and learning to drive.

Bosnia Trip

After the arduous 12-hour journey to Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, it’s nice to lie in bed. All the preparations and talks had finally come to an end, months of fundraising had stopped. We were finally there.

Student voice and leadership

Student voice and leadership are an integral part of life at Chelsea Academy and the Sixth Form is very much part of this.

China Trip

A diary from the school trip to China