What you need to know about controlled assessment (GCSEs only).

Key Stage 4 Assessment Changes from Spring 2017

Following recent government changes, there have been significant changes to student assessment in Key Stage 4. Students in Key Stage 4 are studying new GCSE courses in most of their subjects. All of these reformed GCSE courses are using the new grading system of 9 – 1.

From spring term 2017 onwards, Years 9 and 10 will receive their grades in the new revised Grades 9 – 1 format for all reformed GCSE courses. We delayed the decision until this point so that we had time to consult with both exam boards and other schools about mapping the grades across accurately. We understand that this is a potentially confusing time, with such a big change to the grading system.  We therefore hope that the table below will clarify how the new grades translate across in terms of value.

Please click here for further information about national assessment changes.

End of Year 11 equivalences

Current grades A*- C: Estimated 9 – 1 equivalent:
A* Half of A* becomes 9, the remainder 8
A 7
B 6
C 5
D 4
E 3
F 2
G 1
U 0

Key assessments, including exams and revision

As well as on-going assessment through classwork and regular Independent Learning tasks, key assessments at the end of each term have taken on increased importance under the new grading system, and now take the format of summative exam-style tasks. This is in response to the major assessment changes at GCSE level, most notably the removal of controlled assessment in many subjects. In light of this significant shift, it is vital that both the Academy and parents / carers support our young people by ensuring that they develop and refine revision skills from as early a starting point as possible.

Please find further information on revision in the study support area of the Academy website.

Controlled Assessment

Due to the recent shift in style of GCSE courses from modular to linear (meaning that subjects are assessed solely through exams at the end of the course), controlled assessment is being phased out in the vast majority of subject areas.

For the current Year 11, there is controlled assessment in the following subjects:
Science, 25%
Art 60%
Business Studies / Business and Economics 25%
Food Technology 60%
Geography 25%
History 25%
Media Studies 60%
MFL 60%
Music 60%
Product Design 60%

For the current Year 10, there is controlled assessment in the following subjects:
Art 60%
Business Studies / Business and Economics 25%
Music 60%
PE 40%

For the current Year 9, there is controlled assessment in the following subjects:
Media Studies 30%
Design Technology 50%
Food and Nutrition 50%

The Creative iMedia course will retain its current structure for Years 9, 10 and 11, with students sitting an exam worth 25% of the course, and the remaining 75% assessed through on-going assignments.