‘There’s Lots on Lots Road’ Fundraising Auction 20th June 2017


18 Apr ‘There’s Lots on Lots Road’ Fundraising Auction 20th June 2017

The Chelsea Academy Foundation, in partnership with Lots Road Auctions, is organising a postcard art fundraising auction.  Funds raised will be allocated to extended curriculum activities and supplies for the Academy’s arts department.  The event will focus on celebrating the local community and area and a wide range of artists will be invited to take part.  The submitted postcards will be shortlisted by a judging panel and curated for display in the store front of Lots Road Auctions. A live auction will take place on Tuesday 20th June 2017 with a drinks reception open to the local community outside the auction house. It is a really ambitious event within the timescale and we are looking for parents who would be willing to help with some of the organisation.  Tasks will include:
  • Speaking to local community groups to gauge interest in participating in the event
  • Delivering postcards (in local area)
  • Keeping a spreadsheet of contacts
  • Setting up for the live auction on Tuesday 20th June at Lots Road Auction House
In addition to helpers, we would also like to secure match funding for the event.  If you work for an organisation that has a match funding policy or you run your own company and would be interested in matching the money raised at the event then please contact us on the details below:
Clair Bradley
DL: 0207 376 6649
Parents are welcome to submit their own postcard art.  Please email clair.bradley@chelsea-academy.org to request a blank postcard.
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